Chess3 Whitepaper

Daniel Tauhore

Published on Nov 5, 2023

The original Chess3 whitepaper

Chess3 Whitepaper

Written by Daniel Tauhore

Overview of Chess3

Introduction to Chess3

Chess3 is an innovative decentralised chess platform leveraging web3 technology to connect players globally in a secure and transparent environment. It offers a novel dimension to the chess domain by facilitating a platform where players can not only challenge each other but can also place wagers on matches, with the assurance of each move being permanently and transparently recorded on-chain. This approach ensures a transparent, fair, and indisputable gaming experience, transforming the way chess is played and experienced.

Purpose and Motivation:

The inception of Chess3 is fueled by the ambition to transform the chess landscape and extend lucrative opportunities to chess enthusiasts worldwide. Traditionally, the realm of professional chess has been an exclusive domain where only the top 50 players could envisage a sustainable living through the game, leaving tens of millions of aficionados to pursue their passion without substantial financial reciprocation.

Chess, a timeless strategy game with a rich legacy exceeding 1400 years, has witnessed minimal innovation. Chess3 seeks to disrupt this status quo by embedding a tangible value layer to this esteemed game, aiming to elevate the remuneration for current players and allure new players to the intricate world of Chess. Our primary focus is to enrich the player’s experience. We aspire to augment their earnings, assure them a secure playing environment, and revitalise interest in one of the world’s most intellectually stimulating sports.

By recording each move on-chain, we guarantee transparent, trustless gameplay, thus creating a safer environment and resolving disputes impeccably. This approach is not just a renaissance for the game but also a gateway for countless individuals to transition their hobby into a rewarding profession, making chess more inclusive and appealing.


Chess3 envisions redefining the boundaries of chess, morphing it from a mere recreational activity into a lucrative pursuit. We aim to revolutionise the game by providing a platform that is not only secure and transparent but also profitable, thereby enriching the chess ecosystem and bringing forth a new era where every chess lover, irrespective of their ranking, can earn and enjoy the game equally.

Two aliens play chess while waiting for a train

“Two aliens play chess while waiting for a train”

Strategic Goals:

To democratise access to chess, allowing players from varying backgrounds and skill levels to benefit from the platform. To infuse innovation and modernisation into chess, breaking the barriers of traditionalism and making the game more dynamic and exciting. To expand the chess community by fostering an environment that is rewarding, secure, and transparent, ensuring that the integrity of the game is maintained while making it more engaging and accessible.

This holistic approach, aimed at revitalising the age-old game of chess, has the potential to alter the perception of the game, turning it into a rewarding experience for 10’s of millions around the globe and instigating a new wave of innovation in the sport.

Problem Statement

Rampant Cheating:

The integrity of chess is persistently compromised by prevalent cheating, evidenced by numerous instances both online and offline. A glaring example surfaced when a player was expelled from the Romanian Chess Championship, with a phone discovered in the restroom showing his game’s position via a chess app. This incident, coupled with allegations from World No. 1 Magnus Carlsen accusing an opponent of cheating, underlines the urgent need for robust anti-cheating mechanisms.

Inefficacy of Current Anti-Cheating Mechanisms:

Current anti-cheating mechanisms predominantly rely on post-game analyses conducted by engines designed to detect cheating patterns. However, their post-factum nature and lack of real-time intervention enable players to circumvent these measures, leading to widespread distrust and dissatisfaction among players. Existing platforms like and Lichess struggle with the limitations of these engines, highlighting the need for more advanced and proactive solutions, such as leveraging Learning Logic Models (LLMs) in conjunction with blockchain data to detect cheating in real-time.

Monetisation Disparity and Sponsorship Issues:

The stark disparity in monetisation between chess and other eSports significantly impacts the attractiveness of chess as a career. Traditional chess tournaments often struggle to secure the right sponsors, resulting in inadequate prize pools, especially when compared to other gaming tournaments like Fortnite, which can have prize pools exceeding $30 million. This deficiency in financial incentives and sponsorship engagement has created a vicious cycle of diminishing player participation and sponsor interest, necessitating innovative approaches to sponsorship and player engagement.

Lack of Transparency and Trust:

The prevailing lack of secure and transparent environments, especially in informal wagering, makes players hesitant to engage in wagering on chess matches. The traditional and conservative nature of chess governance has resulted in a resistance to innovation and change, hindering the development of trustful and transparent services, limiting the growth and dynamism of the chess community. The introduction of a secure, trustless wagering offering could not only expand player horizons and spark conversations around the topic but also revitalise the interest and trust in chess as a sport and as an industry.

Restricted and Uncreative Monetisation Models:

Existing monetisation models in the chess industry predominantly focus on specific platform revenue generation. While this approach is legitimate, it stifles the potential for collaborative monetisation streams and innovative partnerships. The success of collaborations between companies like Fortnite and high-value brands like Balenciaga and celebrities like Travis Scott illustrates the untapped potential for chess platforms. By fostering collaborations and innovations in monetisation, the chess industry can attract more players and generate increased revenue and user satisfaction, breaking away from the confines of traditional, restrictive monetisation models.

The numerous challenges pervading the chess ecosystem, including rampant cheating, inadequate and uncreative monetisation, and a conspicuous lack of transparency and trust, are critical obstacles to the evolution and enjoyment of chess. These issues underscore the pressing need for transformative solutions that can rejuvenate the game, enhance its appeal, and elevate it to new heights of popularity, respect, and financial reward.

Market Analysis

Current Global Chess Market:

The global chess market, as of 2022, is valued at USD 2.19 billion and is anticipated to escalate to USD 2.71 billion by 2028, demonstrating a CAGR of 3.58% during the forecast period. This considerable growth is fueled by several factors, such as the rising popularity of chess among diverse age groups, an increasing understanding of the cognitive benefits of playing chess, and a surge in organised chess events globally.

Current Online Chess Market:

The online counterpart of the chess market, a rapidly evolving segment, is valued at around USD 380 million in 2022 and is projected to reach USD 700 million by 2028, growing at a promising CAGR of 13.14% and is on track to surpass USD 1 billion within the next 5-10 years. The proliferation of online gaming, accessibility of affordable internet and mobile devices, and the increasing emergence of online chess platforms and apps are pivotal to this growth trajectory.

Major Players in the Chess Space:

The chess arena is dominated by several established platforms, including,, Play Magnus, and Chess24, each boasting millions of active users. For instance, and report over 100 million and 80 million active users, respectively. However, these platforms, despite their popularity, are predominantly characterised by conventional service offerings and have yet to fully exploit the potentials of modern technology and innovative monetisation strategies.

Global Chess Market Dynamics:

Chess, recognised as one of the most popular games globally, enjoys a broad player base comprising individuals from various age groups, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds. It’s revered not only as an entertaining game but also as an effective educational tool, enhancing cognitive abilities, problem-solving skills, and strategic thinking. The game’s competitive nature has spawned numerous tournaments and events worldwide, further solidifying its status as a universal game.

Chess Community and Demand Dynamics:

The demand for novel chess platforms is evident, with existing platforms falling short in addressing significant issues such as monetisation and cheating and failing to offer tangible value to users for playing chess. The prevailing platforms have not effectively enabled users to safely earn value, forcing them to resort to insecure third-party apps to monetise their skills.

Need for Innovation:

The multitude of unaddressed issues and unmet needs within the current chess ecosystem underline the substantial demand and untapped potential for a revolutionary chess platform like Chess3. The platform aims to transcend existing limitations by establishing a trustless environment where users can safely wager and earn unprecedented value, positioning Chess3 as a pivotal value layer for the entire chess ecosystem.


The global chess market, driven by its increasing popularity and the advent of online platforms, is poised for steady growth. The market’s unexploited potential and the evident demand for innovative, secure, and value-driven platforms present a lucrative opportunity for Chess3 to redefine the chess experience and address the longstanding issues and needs of the chess community.

Chess3: A Revolutionary Platform:

Chess3 is set to usher in a new era in the chess domain by addressing the glaring gaps in the current market, providing a secure and transparent platform for players to monetise their skills and passion. By leveraging advanced technologies and introducing groundbreaking features and services, Chess3 aspires to revitalise the chess ecosystem and elevate the game to unprecedented heights, bringing tangible value to players and reshaping the future of chess.

Target Audience

Core Audience:

Chess3 operates with a multi-tiered audience targeting strategy, initially aiming to connect with individuals having intersecting interests in Chess, Web3/Blockchain, Crypto, and Gambling. This niche audience, expected to serve as the brand ambassadors, will play a pivotal role in promoting Chess3.

Demographic Diversification:

While the current primary demographic consists predominantly of males aged 18-30, Chess3 aspires to broaden its reach to encompass individuals ranging from 13 to 80+ for chess play and 18 to 80+ for wagering, acknowledging chess’s universal appeal without any constraints of age, gender, race, or sexual orientation.

Addressing Pain Points:

Chess3 aims to alleviate the persistent issue of lack of incentive experienced by players. The existing platforms offer minimal financial rewards, rendering chess predominantly as a hobby and discouraging new entrants. Chess3 envisions transforming this narrative by providing substantial incentives and making chess tournaments more inclusive and lucrative, even in regions where rewards are traditionally minimal.

Strategic User Acquisition:

The acquisition strategy involves a three-step process starting with individuals having interests in both chess and Web3, progressively extending to all chess enthusiasts, and eventually reaching out to those who have never engaged with chess but find the prospect of wagering on high-profile matches appealing.

Community and Growth:

Leveraging key partnerships, strategic marketing, community ambassadors, and incorporating proven viral growth models from the web3 gaming domain, Chess3 is poised to create a substantial network effect around its business offering, aiming for extensive user acquisition upon release.

Unique Value Proposition:

Offering a unique, trustless wagering experience, coupled with blockchain-backed transparent game recording, Chess3 promises a level of trust and transparency unparalleled by existing platforms, whether based on Web2 or Web3.

Educational Outreach:

While educational integration isn’t a primary focus, collaborations with chess coaching entities are on the horizon, exploring the potential of utilising Chess3 as a medium for imparting chess education.

Community Engagement and Development:

With a strong emphasis on community, Chess3 is fostering a diverse and engaged community of chess enthusiasts through platforms like Discord, aiming to convert engaged community members into brand ambassadors, thus facilitating organic growth.

Enhanced User Experience & Accessibility:

Chess3 is positioned to meet players’ desires to monetise their skills by offering a safe environment for wagers and subsequently introducing large-prize tournaments and spectator participation. This approach not only draws a diverse audience and liquidity but also attracts advertisers and sponsors, eventually enabling Chess3 to allocate more funds to tournament players and ensure wider accessibility.

Revenue Models & User Willingness:

With proven willingness amongst users to engage in wagers and spend on in-game items, Chess3 plans to leverage these preferences by offering wagers as a primary payment method and introducing purchasable in-game assets, tapping into the substantial market for additional in-game content.

Chess City, circa 2110

“Chess City, circa 2110”

Chess3’s target audience is defined by diverse and inclusive demographic strategies, aiming to revolutionise the chess experience by addressing critical pain points like lack of incentives and providing unmatched value through trustless wagering and transparent game recording. By leveraging strategic partnerships, innovative growth models, and community engagement, Chess3 is poised to not only elevate the user experience but also to redefine the landscape of chess, bringing unparalleled value, accessibility, and opportunities to players worldwide.

Our Proposed Solution

Transparent and Secure Gameplay through Blockchain:

By leveraging blockchain technology, Chess3 ensures transparent and indisputable game data. Every move and every game are recorded on and off-chain, creating an ecosystem where disputes are minimised, and transparency is paramount. This technological approach enables users to access their player data and, with permission, others’ game data, cultivating an environment of trust and openness.

Enhanced Monetisation through Platform Fee:

Chess3 introduces a nuanced approach to monetisation by implementing a minimal platform fee on each wagered match. This fee contributes to the overall revenue, enabling the platform to provide more lucrative opportunities for players, thus offering a pathway for players to turn their passion for chess into a viable career.

Advanced Anti-Cheating Mechanisms through AI:

Chess3 has ambitious plans to develop an advanced Large Language Model (LLM) leveraging the expansive data collected through blockchain. This model will aim to detect cheating in real-time across all game instances, ensuring fairness and integrity within every match, making Chess3 a leader in anti-cheating technology. Bit of a lofty goal? I agree with you. But Chess3 is built by dreamers and we’re going to give it our best shot.

Revolutionary User Experience:

Chess3 is committed to providing a user-centric experience, anchored in the concept of invisible web3. The platform is designed to be intuitive and accessible, even to those unfamiliar with web3 technology, by integrating user-friendly wallet solutions. Drawing inspiration from popular games like Apex Legends and Overwatch, Chess3 aims to present a gaming experience that is innovative and engaging, while platforms like Discord and Twitter facilitate direct interaction between the community and the executive team, fostering a sense of belonging and engagement.

Innovative Incentivisation through Wagering and Loot Box System:

Chess3’s wagering system serves as a cornerstone for player incentivisation, allowing players to earn tangible rewards for their dedication to chess. Additionally, Chess3 is developing a unique loot box system, where players, through gameplay, get a chance to earn loot boxes containing valuable cosmetic items. These items, infused with intrinsic value thanks to smart contracts, can be traded on Chess3’s marketplace, potentially enabling players to earn substantial rewards simply by engaging with the platform.

Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations:

Chess3 is actively exploring partnerships with a diverse array of entities, ranging from distribution platforms and marketplaces to event spaces for hosting Chess3 tournaments. Collaborations with gaming entities like Fortnite for unique Chess3 assets are also under consideration to enrich the user experience and give back to the community. While specific partnership details are forthcoming, Chess3 is positioned to be a hub of innovation and community engagement through these strategic alignments.

Community and Collaborative Asset Development:

Chess3 values community involvement and will provide opportunities for community members to participate in creating and developing assets for the platform. By working collaboratively with various companies and the community, Chess3 aims to offer a diverse and enriched array of assets, enhancing user engagement and enjoyment.

Chess3 is poised to redefine the realm of online chess by integrating advanced technologies like blockchain and AI, creating a transparent, secure, and innovative platform. The emphasis on user experience, community engagement, strategic partnerships, and cutting-edge incentivization mechanisms positions Chess3 as a revolutionary entity in the chess ecosystem, providing unprecedented value and opportunities to chess enthusiasts around the world.

Key Features of Chess3

Global Peer-to-Peer Matchmaking:

Chess3 stands as a nexus for global chess enthusiasts, providing a platform for them to engage in borderless competition. By matching players based on their skill set, Chess3 ensures balanced and fair matchups, making it a true playground for all levels of expertise.

Trustless Wagering:

Gone are the days of questionable wagers. Chess3 integrates a secure wagering system allowing players to bet using cryptocurrency. By leveraging the power of smart contracts, transactions are both trustless and seamless, ensuring payouts are timely and rightful.

Blockchain-Based Game Recording:

In the spirit of transparency, every move within Chess3 is indelibly recorded on the blockchain. Such tamper-proof recording not only maintains the game’s integrity but also allows players to retrospectively analyse their games to hone their strategies.

Economically Efficient Transactions:

With an initial operation on Skale and a provision for gasless wagers, Chess3 offers a cost-effective gaming experience. While players will be subject to a minimal platform fee, Chess3 manages the remaining transaction costs, reflecting its commitment to user-centricity.

Intuitive User Experience:

Chess3 embraces users of all backgrounds and expertise levels with its user-friendly interface. It’s designed to be easily navigable, ensuring that even those new to such platforms can relish in the state-of-the-art features without feeling overwhelmed.

Visionary Expansion Plans:

Chess3 is not just a platform but a vision. Future plans include the introduction of Chess3 Skins, unique NFTs which users can trade or earn. The platform will also venture into organising its eSports tournaments boasting substantial prize pools. And in a bid to attract even more enthusiasts, Chess3 will extend incentives to spectators, allowing them to bet on match outcomes.

Chess3 isn’t merely a gaming platform; it’s the future of chess. By blending cutting-edge technology with the timeless allure of chess, it presents a global, transparent, and user-friendly ecosystem, enriched by its ambitious plans for growth and community engagement. Whether you’re a chess novice or a grandmaster, Chess3 is poised to redefine your gaming experience.

Chess3 Features Deep Dive

Global Peer-to-Peer Gaming:

Chess3 is committed to creating an inclusive gaming environment that defies borders. At the heart of our system is an on-chain ELO ranking, securely tethered to each player’s wallet. This innovative ranking approach provides an objective measurement of a player’s skill, ensuring that matchups are fair and competitive. We are pioneering a tier-based matchmaking system where tiers are defined by wagers. Players choose their wager amount and are then matched with others in the same tier.

We anticipate that experienced players will naturally gravitate towards higher wagers, making the system self-regulating. Concerning international regulations, our operations align with Australian guidelines on skill-based wagering. However, we urge players to acquaint themselves with their local laws, as outlined in our terms and conditions.

Secure Wagering System:

Our wagering infrastructure has been meticulously designed to provide a seamless and trustworthy experience. Initially, disputes will be community-handled via Discord tickets, but as we scale, formal in-platform complaint systems will be in place. Players can wager popular stablecoins like USDC and USDT, their wrapped counterparts, and native tokens pertinent to specific chains. We are also exploring the creation of our own digital currency and the unique dynamics it could introduce.

Additionally, wagering is not restricted to just currencies. We envisage a subculture emerging around NFT wagering, where players stake Chess3 skins and collaborative assets. Every smart contract used for wagers is rigorously audited to uphold the security standards that our community deserves.

Tamper-Proof Move Recording:

Integrity is paramount in chess. Every move made in Chess3 is indelibly inscribed on the blockchain, a testament to our commitment to transparency. This feature transcends mere dispute resolution—it serves as a perpetual educational resource. Players can scrutinise past games to refine strategies, and inculcate new ones.

Our storage strategy will oscillate between on-chain and off-chain repositories depending on the chain. Platforms like Skale, with its impressive scalability, might host all game data on-chain, while for others like Ethereum, we might use decentralised databases such as IPFS to handle the bulk of the data, linking back essential game states on-chain.

Low Transaction Fees:

Skale’s robust scalability presents an excellent launchpad for Chess3, promising minimal transaction fees and optimal performance. But as we branch out to different chains, we’re prepared to leverage their unique offerings. Chains like Ethereum might host premium, high-wager games and prestigious Chess3 tournaments, while Skale and its ilk could cater to the general populace with low-wager games. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we embrace the dynamism of each chain to craft distinct experiences.

User-Friendly Interface:

A revolutionary product is moot without an accessible interface. Drawing inspiration from contemporary tech, our design principle revolves around “invisible web3.” We envision a future where using a web3 platform is as intuitive as using a smartphone—everyone can, very few know how. While tutorials will be available, our endgame is an interface so straightforward that they become redundant. We welcome players to engage with our active Discord community for any queries or discussions.

Tournament Week

“Tournament Week”

Future Expansion:

The roadmap ahead for Chess3 is brimming with innovation. By late 2023 or early 2024, players can anticipate Chess3 Skins, a pioneering NFT facet of our platform. Concurrently, we’re gearing up for our maiden Chess3 tournament, targeting a launch in the first half of 2024. The spectating dimension of Chess3 will resemble traditional sports betting platforms, but with unique bets tailored for chess. Partnerships are in the pipeline with influential platforms to amplify the impact of our tournaments.

Chess3 is more than just a game—it’s an ecosystem, an experience, and most importantly, a community. Join us as we redefine the realm of chess.

Tech Stack

The Chess3 platform is constructed on a solid foundation of three intertwined layers, designed to offer an efficient, secure, and user-friendly experience. Here’s a deep dive into our technological infrastructure:

App Layer:

The Interaction Hub

  • Languages & Frameworks: The initial foundation of the App Layer lies in JavaScript for backend operations coupled with Svelte for the frontend. As we scale, we anticipate a seamless transition to TypeScript to foster greater efficiency and maintainability.

  • Design Philosophy: Drawing inspiration from the aesthetics of well-loved video games, our interface is built on the principle of ‘invisible web3.’ Our primary aim is to make onboarding as simple as playing a game on your phone. By partnering with wallet providers that enable new users to spin up wallets using their social media accounts, we diminish entry barriers considerably. An ambitious next step will see users buying tokens directly with their credit cards within the app.

  • Platform & Accessibility: Though our proof-of-concept was web-based, our MVP is mobile-responsive, recognising the ubiquity of mobile gaming. Looking ahead, we’re targeting the release of native apps for both iOS and Android in 2024.

Value Layer:

The Financial Backbone

  • Supported Chains: Our experiments started on the Sepolia Testnet, and we are now testing our MVP on the Skale testnet. While Ethereum and Skale are currently our primary chains, our vision is unbounded. With EVM-agnostic smart contracts, we foresee Chess3 engagements across any EVM-compatible chain.

  • Smart Contracts: Solidity is our choice for smart contract development, ensuring our platform’s compatibility with a broad ecosystem.

  • Security: Before a full-fledged launch, our contracts will undergo rigorous testing on testnets, followed by a comprehensive audit. On going live, we’ll initially limit wagers to mitigate potential risks, progressively increasing them as the platform matures and proves its security mettle.

  • Fee Structure: On Ethereum, users will cater for gas fees, while a minor platform fee is deducted from wager winnings. For scalable chains like Skale, Chess3 will bear the gas fees but still levy a minimal percentage fee on wager winnings.

Data Layer:

The Transparency Portal

  • On-chain vs Off-chain: The decision to store data on-chain or off-chain is guided by the cost implications. While Ethereum’s high storage costs rule it out, scalable chains like Skale, with their generous data limits, can accommodate more on-chain data.
  • Off-chain Storage: IPFS is our chosen decentralised storage system, with potential partnerships with platforms like Filecoin, which extend data storage solutions via IPFS.
  • Data Integrity: The IPFS system’s content addressing and cryptographic hashing ensure the integrity of our off-chain data. This hash-based identification makes any unauthorised content alteration practically impossible.
  • With this holistic tech architecture, Chess3 aims to offer a revolutionary gaming platform, balancing user experience, financial robustness, and data transparency.

Revenue Sources

Chess3 is designed to be more than just a gaming platform. It’s a carefully crafted ecosystem with built-in monetisation strategies to ensure its sustainability and growth.

Wager Fee Structure

Players can participate in both public and private games. Public wagers are available in public queues, fostering competitive interactions, while private wagers offer a personal setting for players to challenge friends and acquaintances.

The fee applied to wagers will depend on the amount placed. Anticipating a potential minimum wager of as low as $0.10, with a probable starting point at $1, our tiered fee approach ensures that charges are transparent and fair. Players will always be informed of these fees during transactions, and a detailed structure will be available in this whitepaper for reference.

Chess3 Skins - Digital Assets

Chess3 skins provide an avenue for players to personalise their gaming experience. These in-game cosmetics, inspired by models like that of CSGO, are purely aesthetic and don’t provide any competitive edge. Players can look forward to both direct purchase options and the thrill of random skin drops.

We’re committed to open collaboration, seeking partnerships with various projects and platforms to diversify the Chess3 experience. Though there will be a dedicated “skin shop” within Chess3 for asset purchases, players have the freedom to trade these assets on external platforms like OpenSea.

Secondary Market

After our initial sale of NFTs at fixed prices, market dynamics will dictate their subsequent value. Chess3 plans to host a secondary market within its ecosystem, allowing players to trade these skins. Outside platforms, along with inherent rarity and demand for specific skins, will be crucial in setting their worth.

Future Revenue Avenues

While the aforementioned strategies lay the groundwork for our revenue generation, we’re also looking ahead. As Chess3 evolves, we anticipate revenue streams from eSports tournaments and spectator participation. The latter might involve a model where we charge small percentages on match wagering, allowing fans to be an integral part of the action.

Chess3 is on a mission to offer a dynamic gaming experience while ensuring a robust and sustainable economic model for its future growth.

Scalability & Sustainability

As Chess3 continues to evolve and grow, ensuring its scalability and sustainability is of utmost importance. Our plans and strategies encompass multiple facets, designed to guarantee the platform’s long-term viability and readiness to accommodate an expanding user base.

Infrastructure Scalability:

Chess3 relies on Digital Ocean for server hosting, a platform recognized for its adeptness in handling vast traffic inflows. Some of Digital Ocean’s hallmark features include:

  • Flexible Infrastructure: Various Droplet sizes and configurations let us select resources best suited to our needs. As Chess3 grows, we have the latitude to scale horizontally with more Droplets or vertically by upgrading the existing ones.
  • Load Balancers: Their managed load balancers are pivotal in ensuring traffic distribution across our Droplets. This guarantees that Chess3 remains responsive and accessible, even under significant user loads.
  • Managed Databases: With Digital Ocean handling our database needs for MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Redis, we can concentrate on other platform aspects. Scalability becomes easier, letting us modify database parameters as per requirements.
  • Object Storage: Digital Ocean’s Spaces offer a compatible and scalable solution for data storage. Given its compatibility with S3, transitioning existing data becomes seamless.

Chain Interoperability:

Chess3 is not limited to any specific blockchain. We envisage its presence on multiple chains, including Polygon, zk rollups, optimistic rollups, and more. Ethereum, especially, has shown promise with its proto-dank sharding initiative, which is poised to redefine its scalability drastically.

Game Evolution:

As a community-driven initiative, Chess3 remains receptive to user feedback and suggestions. We believe in evolving with our users, integrating their inputs to shape the platform’s trajectory. Given our expansive value proposition, encompassing tournaments, wagers, cosmetics, and spectator involvement, Chess3 appeals to a diverse audience, ensuring sustained growth.

Economic Sustainability:

We are committed to giving back to our community. Our revenue streams are designed to fuel Chess3’s growth while also enabling us to provide valuable rewards and incentives to our loyal player base.

Community Engagement:

Our Discord community remains our pulse, keeping us attuned to their sentiments and aspirations. Chess3 celebrates its grassroots ethos, and as we expand, we intend to retain this core identity. Valuing our community’s feedback, our MVP has been substantially shaped by the insights gleaned during the POC test phase.

Environmental Considerations:

In a bid to be environmentally responsible, we focus on scalability. By aligning with Layer 2 scaling solutions with eco-friendly consensus mechanisms, we aim to minimise our carbon footprint. While Proof of Work (PoW) has its merits in the blockchain arena, our expansive user base necessitates a green and scalable approach.

Chess3 is firmly rooted in the principles of scalability, sustainability, and community engagement. With a robust infrastructure provided by Digital Ocean, a vision to span multiple blockchain chains, and a relentless commitment to community feedback, we are poised to offer a seamless and enriching experience for our users. Our multifaceted approach, which intertwines technical scalability with economic viability and environmental responsibility, ensures that Chess3 is not just a transient gaming platform but a sustainable ecosystem that grows, adapts, and thrives with its community at its heart.

Community & Ecosystem

The heart and soul of Chess3 lies in its community and the broader ecosystem it aims to be a part of. Our approach is rooted in establishing deep connections, collaborations, and open channels of communication.

Community Chess Night

“Community Chess Night”

Community Engagement:

Chess3 recognises the significance of direct interactions with its user base. Through various means, such as Twitter spaces and Discord AMAs with key collaborators, we ensure that our community stays in the loop with the latest developments. Beyond online interactions, we also have a line-up of real-world engagements like Chess nights. This hybrid approach allows us to maintain a grassroots connection with our users, ensuring that Chess3 grows alongside its vibrant community.

Developer Incentives:

At Chess3, we believe that a platform is only as good as its technical foundation. By recruiting and nurturing top-tier developer talent, we aim to set industry standards. Our commitment lies in building a technically sound, efficient, and continuously evolving platform.


Expanding Chess3’s horizons involves strategic partnerships. We’ve already established collaborations with a diverse range of sponsors, including exchanges, music streaming platforms, DAOs, and more.

Our intent is to continually enrich the Chess3 experience, and these collaborations play a crucial role in that endeavour. By joining forces with platforms akin to Steam and other blockchains, we’re casting a wider net to increase Chess3’s visibility and appeal.

Ecosystem Integration:

Chess3 is more than just a game; it’s a technological pioneer. By open-sourcing components like our on-chain ELO ranking system, we’re positioning ourselves at the forefront of the fintech space. Our aim is to make key elements of Chess3’s technology standard for the broader gaming and Web3 communities. The potential for integrations, be it with AR platforms, NFT partnerships, or wallet integrations, is boundless, and we’re enthusiastic about exploring these avenues.

Feedback and Iteration:

At the end of the day, Chess3 is a community-driven platform. We value the insights and feedback from our users with our Discord serving as the initial hub for all discussions and feedback. As we evolve, we’re dedicated to creating more structured channels for our community to voice their thoughts and suggestions.

In essence, Chess3 thrives on its community. We are committed to creating an inclusive, expansive, and dynamic ecosystem where everyone has a say in shaping the future of the platform. Whether you’re a player, developer, or just an enthusiast, Chess3 welcomes you to be a part of its journey.

The Future of Chess3

As the horizons of Chess3 expand, the next five years promise a synthesis of age-old chess mastery and the revolutionary spirit of web3 technology. Here’s a roadmap of our aspirations and how we intend to reshape the landscape of digital gaming.

  • eSports Revolution: By becoming an official eSports tournament platform, Chess3 aims to regularly host tournaments that will put us on the map of competitive gaming. Our ambition is to shine a spotlight on chess in the eSports world, making it a spectator sport as riveting as any other.
  • Robust User Base: Our target is to galvanise a community of over a million active users. This is not just about sheer numbers but about creating a thriving ecosystem where users are continuously engaged and feel a sense of belonging.
  • Redefining Spectatorship: The future of Chess3 is to be so immersive that spectators are as involved as the players themselves. They can bet on match outcomes, making every move on the board even more thrilling. This dynamic interaction transforms passive viewership into a high-stakes experience.
  • Technological Mastery: As we evolve, Chess3 will not only include all features from our MVP but will expand in ways that set industry standards. Our platform’s technology will be so influential that it becomes a benchmark in the web3 game development realm. Other projects will lean on our software, further solidifying our reputation.
  • In-Game Economy & Interactivity: The Chess3 experience will be enriched with the launch of an in-game currency and a skin shop. Players can buy assets, wager on games, and even earn coveted loot boxes, turning gameplay into a dynamic marketplace. Partnered projects’ skins will be interoperable, providing users with an array of options to flaunt and wager.
  • Augmented Reality & Anti-Cheating: Envision playing chess in the park, where AR glasses transform a simple table into a grand chessboard. This is where Chess3 meets the future. Our plans extend to harnessing AR for immersive gameplay and spectating experiences. Complementing this is our bespoke anti-cheating engine, powered by AI technology, aiming to preserve the integrity of every match.
  • Open-Source Collaboration: By open-sourcing significant parts of our tech, we’re laying out a welcome mat for global developers. Our platform will be designed for easy building and integration, ensuring that Chess3 remains at the cutting edge, both on and off-chain.
  • Global Footprint: Chess3 is going global. Our vision includes tournaments in key cities worldwide, providing a platform for chess players to showcase their prowess and earn a decent living, while offering spectators a front-row seat to the action.

In essence, while Chess3’s heart beats for chess, its soul is all about innovation. Our “north star” guides us to be a groundbreaking force in the web3 gaming industry, to revolutionise the way the world perceives chess, and to champion a transformative spectator experience. We’re not just bridging worlds; we’re building a universe where tradition and technology coexist and thrive.

Chess3 scientists, circa 2338

“Chess3 scientists, circa 2338”

Chess as a Spectator Sport

Redefining the Game

The Chess3 eSports tournaments aren’t just about the game, they are about the entire experience. Although the structure is still being formulated, the tentative plan involves initial heats where players contend for spots in the quarter finals, leading to semi-finals, culminating in grand finals. This entire process will transpire over three days, and our goal is to maximise the number of matches played. Departing from the traditional slow-paced chess tournaments, Chess3’s vision is to be recognized as the “blitz” iteration, thereby making every moment more exhilarating.

To amplify the atmosphere, we’re not just setting up matches but orchestrating comprehensive events. Imagine this: energising music from live DJs, a lively crowd enjoying a drink or two, and a charged ambiance with everyone anticipating the next big move on the chess board. Our intention is to craft an atmosphere that draws spectators like a magnet and leaves an indelible mark on every participant.

Raising the Stakes

We’re here to redefine the landscape of chess tournaments. Setting our eyes on a staggering 50k AUD prize pool for our inaugural tournament, we’re poised to clinch the title of Australia’s largest chess tournament. Yet, Australia is just the beginning. Our ambition is to sequentially topple one country after another, with our sights fixed on the European circuit boasting a 2 million EURO prize pool. Partnering with eminent sponsors will be pivotal in amplifying our reach and impact across the entire chess community.

An Amplified Experience

Chess3 isn’t about mimicking the conventional eSports approach; it’s about elevating it. We’re introducing features like incisive commentary, comprehensive analytics, and detailed player profiles. But that’s not all. Integrating AR technology, NFTs, and much more will provide an immersive experience that holds equal allure for both spectators and players.

Interactive Betting

Incorporating betting into our tournaments will revolutionise the spectator experience. Although exclusive to tournaments and absent from the standard platform, betting will be based on diverse metrics - from predicting match outcomes to forecasting the number of moves, or even speculating if a game might end in a checkmate or resignation. Bonuses for unexpected moves, like a player losing a queen, will further elevate the stakes and excitement.

Prioritising the Fans

Our tournaments aren’t just about the players; they’re about every single individual who loves the game. We are crafting experiences for fans that are both immersive and interactive. From meet and greets to myriad opportunities for interaction, we aim to let fans feel the thrill of being in the midst of their chess idols.

Global Broadcasting Vision

Initially, our tournaments will be broadcasted via Twitch for its convenience and broad audience base. However, as Chess3’s reputation and appeal grow, we plan to transition to partnerships that range from established eSports platforms to traditional sports media conglomerates, and even to potential collaborations with global organisations like FIDE. In the long run, we visualise an AR-powered broadcasting experience, enabling anyone, anywhere, to immerse themselves in a “phygital” Chess3 tournament.

In essence, Chess3 is not just reinventing the chess tournament but revolutionising the entire spectator and player experience. By infusing traditional chess with rapid-paced “blitz” dynamics, integrating immersive technologies, and prioritising fan engagement, Chess3 seeks to transcend boundaries and redefine the eSports paradigm. Through strategic partnerships, innovative fan-centric approaches, and a commitment to broadcasting excellence, Chess3 stands poised to usher in a new era of chess tournaments, seamlessly bridging the physical and digital realms to create an unmatched, electrifying experience for all.

The $CHESS Token

Introduction to the Chess Token Concept

The “Chess Token” stands at the heart of the Chess3 ecosystem, poised to redefine user engagement, enhance gameplay, and introduce an innovative approach to in-game economics. As we navigate through the complexities of token design, we emphasise that all aspects detailed in this whitepaper are fluid and subject to meticulous refinement, underscoring our commitment to delivering a well-thought-out and robust token system.

Phase One: In-Game-Only Asset

Phase one introduces an in-game-only asset, a foundational element designed to be non-purchasable, non-tradable, and completely off-chain, laying the groundwork for a risk-free wagering environment. Accessible exclusively through active engagement on the Chess3 platform, this asset is earned by users upon game completion, irrespective of game outcomes. It serves as an introductory pathway for players into the world of wagering, devoid of financial risk, thereby preserving the game’s integrity while adding an exhilarating layer to the traditional chess experience.

The Future: On-Chain Chess Token

Looking ahead, our vision expands to the integration of an on-chain Chess token, a distinct digital asset not directly obtainable through gameplay nor interchangeable with the in-game asset. This on-chain token is set to revolutionise interactions within Chess3, offering players reduced wagering fees, exclusive access to in-game purchases including a variety of skins, loot boxes, and micro-cosmetics, and eventually, the ability to wager on match outcomes.

Sustainability and Community Engagement

To bolster the Chess token’s long-term viability and relevance, we’re devising strategies to ensure its sustainability, a process we’re navigating with community feedback at the forefront. Though the specifics remain in development, continuous community updates will remain a priority, ensuring transparency and collective growth.

Liquidity and Market Strategy

Recognising the need for fluid market interactions, the on-chain token is engineered specifically for Chess3 but with definitive plans for liquidity provision on prominent DEXs such as Uniswap. This strategy aligns with our aim to facilitate seamless entry and exit points for users within the Chess3 token ecosystem.

Community-Centric Governance

Community lies at the core of Chess3, and while transitioning into a full DAO isn’t on our roadmap, embedding elements of community governance is. We’re set on embracing decentralisation, enabling community-driven oversight and input through DAO-esque mechanisms, thereby ensuring our trajectory resonates with those who make Chess3 possible.

Beyond Tokens: A Multifaceted Reward System

Moreover, Chess3 goes beyond token rewards. Players will revel in a multifaceted reward system, earning not just tokens but also unique cosmetics, micro-cosmetics, and loot boxes, enhancing the competitive milieu and the overall gaming experience. These rewards tie into player ELO rankings, propelling the competitive spirit and gamification that modern players seek.

Towards a Transparent and Regulatory-Compliant Launch

As we embark on the journey toward launching the on-chain Chess token, community clarity, regulatory compliance, and technical soundness form the pillars of our approach. We’re dedicated to launching the Chess3 on-chain token in a manner that not only meets regulatory standards but also exceeds community expectations, fostering growth and setting the stage for an unparalleled gaming ecosystem.

Roadmap: The Journey Ahead for Chess3

2024: Laying the Groundwork


  • Release of MVP
  • Partnership Announcements
  • First Skin Release


  • 10,000 Players Celebration
  • Release of Open Beta
  • On-chain ELO Ranking System
  • Inaugural Chess Tournament


  • Second Skin Release
  • Virtual Chess Tournament Build
  • Chess3 Skin Shop Build

2025: Breakthroughs and Massive Expansion


  • Third Skin Release
  • Second Chess3 Tournament
  • Tokenomic Build of the $CHESS Token
  • Anti-cheating engine build


  • Release of the $CHESS Token
  • 100,000 Players Milestone
  • Third Chess3 Tournament


  • Build of Chess3 Sportsbooks
  • Spectator Involvement in Chess3

2026: Embarking on New Horizons


  • First Chess3 Tournament with Spectator Involvement
  • 1,000,000 Players Celebration

Q2 and Beyond:

  • Regular ongoing tournaments
  • Partnerships with key broadcasting networks
  • Regular improvements to Chess3
  • Early process of integrating with AR technology

Daniel Tauhore

Founder of Chess3 and DAO Master Labs.